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Profitable ideas using Winning at the Track


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Winning at the Track

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Step I   -   Review the samples on the Seminar Page

The samples shown on this page illustrate typical race situations.   Learn how to spot these profitable opportunities!


Step II  -  Download the handicap files

If you own the Winning at the Track program you'll see the sample files as if you were handicapping them every day.  If you are using the Free Internet Version of WATT, the modules are not available to you, but you'll see the sample races as they normally appear in the basic WATT program.

Are you uncomfortable with the downloading process?   If so, go to the Demo Downloading Page of this website and print the "Install" and "HowTo" files.  Also, see the lower left corner of the LPC's Home Page at


Step III -  Ask questions! 

Contact the publisher if you have questions.  Make suggestions for other examples.  We are here to help you become a successful handicapper!

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Here is your chance to learn how America's #1 speed/pace handicapping software works ... and how it can help YOU!

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                                                                                             Jeff Little, Publisher


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