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Jokes to tell while waiting in the cashier's line...

When he left the gate,
I knew immediately that I bet the wrong horse.
The bell around his neck fell off !
                                          - David L. Christopher


Here is an old British horse racing joke:

Bless You, Father


The jockey was hitting the horse.
The horse turns around and says,
"Why are you hitting me?
There's nobody behind us!"
                                     - Henny Youngman



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Two handicapping friends try to make their first big "score" at the track

Free Short Story



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Speed / Pace Handicapping

ho are the two pacesetters? How fast will they be running?   And which contenders are capable of catching them?
Winning at the Track can provide answers to these important questions - and more!


winning at the track

If you stare at this picture long enough

you should be able to see a horse.

This is weird.  Give it a try.

Horse Racing - Some light humor.


Have fun!    Enjoy life!

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I've put some fairly advanced midi files on the Tout Corner pages and on a few others to make the website a little more interesting.  You will get mixed results, depending on your equipment.

If you want to hear it all, use the Microsoft Default setting.  The advanced files (such as the midi on this page) are best with the MIDI for ESS MPU-401 setting which will bring out the percussion (turn your sound up to get the full benefit).

To change the WIN95/98 music settings, click on START, Settings, Control Panel, Multi-media, Midi, then either DEFAULT or MIDI for ESS MPU-401.

Also, if you like much of the music on this website, then you are, like me, a fan of Dick Anderson.  In my opinion, he's the best in country rhythm.

Have fun!

Jeff Little, Publisher