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Churchill Downs - Saturday, November 3, 2018

Handicapping the Breeders' Cup Classic:


For the first time in 34 years I won't be handicapping the 2018 BC Classic here this year. My daughter, Suzanne, will be married on Friday night (Nov. 2) and, of course, I will be busy otherwise <g>. I'll be thinking of you all !

Our Breeders' Cup party on Saturday should be a fun event - but without Winning at the Track, I'll be in the dark - and regular users of WATT know how bad THAT can be.

See our horse racing calendar elsewhere on this site for a little more background on the 2018 racing season. As most will agree, it has been a great season. Just based on that alone, I do hope Accelerate is entered this year. And I imagine Justify will be a contender and a betting favorite.

Looking at how the 1 1/4 mile Classic is typically handicapped, one suggestion to WATT 'cappers is to examine how well horses ran their most recent 1 1/8 races (or longer). Also, I would disregard any contests that were run at less than 1 mile. Bottom line... this could be one very interesting race.

Enjoy the race and good luck to all....




Jeff Little, Publisher


Attention: WATT Handicappers

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I'm using my iPad and handicapped Santa Anita. I'm in heaven!
And if you were here I'd give you a big kiss! (Publisher's comment - nice, but no thanks).
And a couple of pace line changes made all the difference.
Thank you so much.

P.D., California.



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6.  Avoid MSW and Maiden Claiming races featuring more than three first-time starters.


Perhaps there should be a rule #7 ... Maintain a positive attitude.   Scared money rarely wins at the race track.  There are many external factors that could influence the way your day unfolds.  One of the best cartoonists of our day, the late Jeff MacNelly, presents one of them here:

In memory of the great Jeff MacNelly


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