The DATABASE is a Great Tool!

The DATABASE is used to create race files for the Winning at the Track stand-alone program. It is a necessary step, but one that is no longer necessary using the online version.

Your file can be made two days in advance ...

Download from BRIS

Enter the BRIS file into the DATABASE

Use the file you made


The DATABASE Transfer is not a data-entry program.  And it is not complex.  Users simply decide whether data should be included, as is -- or be discarded.  A file can be made in ten seconds or in ten minutes, depending on the user's review.  Unlike other programs, users have complete control over which numbers are saved in the new WATT race file.  After all, confidence in the numbers is important!  Our competition cannot offer this feature.

Retail price: The DATABASE is included in the $69.95 package price of the Classic Version.

More details ...

The Pace Analyst Section

The Graphics Section


 speed and pace handicapping


Easy To Use!

"Winning at the Track is, by far, the best contender-selection program on the market!   And, I've used 'em all."

N.S., Connecticut


  "I have been handicapping for many years and was one in the original group that studied with Dr. Sartin, so I know a lot about handicapping and computer use.   I have been using the Winning at the Track  program for several years now because I have found it to be the best that I have ever used ..."

L.R., Kentucky


Fast and easy with the DATABASE



Winning at the Track

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