Use the Graphics Module to identify the REAL contenders

The GRAPHICS is an important section to the basic Winning at the Track program and it is an extraordinary handicapping tool.

For example, the Graphics can display the BEST and SECOND-BEST P/M ratings for each horse in the race.  With it, users can see each horse's abilities with a visible bar chart.   Below is one of four graphic screens that can help you find the "stick-outs" in the race.  The Graphics uses the same WATT race file created for the basic program.  In this classic Kentucky Derby back in 1999, two colts enjoyed a statistical advantage:

Screen #4 of the Graphics Module

It is easy to see why Menifee (#13) was declared our "key horse" in this contest.  Menifee had two P/M ratings that were better than the BEST ratings of all other contenders ... except Charismatic (#11).  The "second-best P/M ratings," shown in purple above, are calculated after each horse's best race is removed from its numbers.

Also, this section is interactive.  The user can enter a pace (Pole Speed) that is expected and then ask the Graphics to list every horse capable of running with that pace (for example, within 4 lengths of a 78 pace), as shown below ...

Screen #1 of the Graphics Module

Charismatic's winning ticket paid $62.60.  The Charismatic and Menifee exacta paid $727, and the trifecta with Cat Thief paid $5,866.   The winner's time was 2:03.1.  The Pole Speed (the pace of the race) was 1:37.3 which gave the "closers" an extra edge.

Whenever the menu is showing (not in this example), if you hit "Go To" the program takes you immediately to the basic Winning at the Track program or to either of the other two sections -- the Pace Analyst or the Exotics Wagering section (this is used to create your "Morning Line").

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