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Stand-alone Programs for Winning at the Track


o Classic DOS Version

o  The Pace Analyst

o  Interactive Graphics

o  Exotics Wagering

o The Database



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Software: For Accurate Speed/Pace Handicapping

The new WINNING AT THE TRACK online program is unique in every way.

The user downloads a BRIS zipped data file, opens it, and then uploads the DRF file to the WATT interactive website. That's it! Everything in 3 easy steps. And the price of membership is low - less than one small trifecta!

The original WINNING AT THE TRACK Classic stand-alone package includes: the original WATTdos program and the DATABASE software that automatically creates the required WATT race file.  BRIS (Bloodstock Research) data files can be purchased from BRIS for only $1 per race card two days in advance.  No typing is required.

So, there have been major advancements to Winning at the Track - from this:

New Windows Version of Winning at the Track
The Original 1985 Program
5 1/4" floppy disc

To this - a unique interactive handicapping service:



The Classic (Original) WATTdos Program

This speed/pace stand-alone program was first introduced about 30 years ago and has been enhanced over the years with significant new features. The rankings are based primarily on the capabilities of the horses in the contest, and - most importantly - the track and surface adjustments, which are unmatched by any handicapping program in existence! We welcome any and all comparisons!

Pace Analyst segment

Most WATT users refer to the Pace Analyst segment as part of the handicapping process. The Pace Analyst displays "depth of talent," ranking not just the best races, but the second and third best efforts as well.  Quite often, one contender has two races better than the best races of all others in the same contest.  This is valuable information when you analyze each contender!

Graphics segment

The Graphics segment is "interactive" in the Classic version.   Simply enter the expected pace (prompted by the program, of course), and this feature will display which two are the likely pacesetters and which horses, if any, are capable of running at or near that pace!  Best of all, the handicap is presented in an easy-to-understand graphics format.  The Graphics segment can also identify another "key" recommendation in some races.

Exotics Wagering segment

Many racing fans like to estimate their own "morning line."  If you find that your selection should realistically be 4 to 1, and it's showing on the board at 8 to 1, you would probably bet it differently than you might otherwise.  The Exotics Wagering segment is best used in a lap-top, on site, at the race track.

Database Program

With the DATABASE program, WATT users can make their own WATT Race Files from downloaded data source files (the "Single File") from Bloodstock Research (BRIS).  WATT files can be completed in 5-10 minutes, without typing, two days in advance. The BRIS data source file is only $1 per race card.  There are no hidden fees. The Online Handicapping Service uses the same DRF comma-deliniated file but eliminates any need for the DATABASE.

Although some still do, most WATT users prefer not to enter data manually into the Classic Version.  The Database allows handicappers to create personal race files with minimal effort in under ten minutes.  Users are in total control of the data.  They can decide which pace line to save in the Worksheet for each horse.  Or they can allow the program to include all the data.  Many handicappers create WATT race files for two or three tracks, then select the 3-4 races at each track that offer the greatest profit opportunity.


Online Handicapping Membership:

New Members (Silver Membership): $149 annually with no monthly fees
Renewals (Gold Membership): $129 annually with no monthly fees

LPC will continue to support the original WATT program and both are always kept in sync. Annual Updates for the Classic Version are FREE to online (Gold) members.

Classic Stand-alone Program - Complete Package:  $69.00 Members

The #1 Handicapping Program!
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Online Program Updates done automatically

Interactive Site Members - Stand-alone Program Update: No Charge

Registered users of the Classic version (but, non-members) can update for $55.

Classic Version replacements whenever needed: $20.00

Note:  Updates also include new tracks and surface adjustments.

LPC Offices: (954) 573-7236

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You become an official Charter Member with your first order! You become a Gold Member once you start using the online program.   Also receive discounted prices on LPC's e-books and software when you become a member.

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Classic Version Updates

Updating your WATT program every year is important!  The race track adjustments and other changes could be the difference between betting the right or wrong horse in a race! Contact the Publisher when Updates are needed. Gold Members receive Classic version Updates at no cost.

The online handicapping site is always up-to-date and requires no updating!

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