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Want to instantly identify the likely winners at the race track?  Here is THE premier speed/pace handicapping software and it's now available online!  Almost immediately, two days in advance, you'll be ready to handicap thoroughbred races at your favorite track. You'll see the REAL contenders without overlooking the long shots!  All the major distances and racing surfaces in North America are adjusted automatically.  Also, Winning at the Track is IDEAL for exotics wagering of thoroughbreds!




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LPC also publishes original short stories, including three featuring horse racing.  Those stories are: In The 6th (free at the Tout Corner), Swiss Ruler, the world's fastest horse, and The Seer - about a man who could predict, among other things, the outcome of a horse race.

(New Website Being Built) is a division of Liberty Publishing Company, Inc. Here, editors compose and/or edit PhotoBiographies of individuals - personal, friends, or relatives - in addition to creating other products for broad audiences. Feel free to visit the site. Please contact the publisher if there are any questions about these services and prices.

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