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Handicapping software and books

LPC's Money Page (Home)Home Page at HorseRacingUSA

The basics of speed/pace handicapping  Speed / Pace Handicapping Basics (Speed/pace handicapping with WATT)

Winning at the Track demos and books  WATT Internet Interactive Handicapping (The world's first web-based service)

Winning at the Track demos and books  Winning at the Track Introduction (Welcome to LPC's "Winning at the Track")

Winning at the Track handicapping software  How "Winning at the Track" Works (Details of the WATT program and its features)

The DATABASE saves time!  The DATABASE program (Details about the DATABASE Transfer program)

Handicapping Products and Services  Products, Services, and Prices (Four major credit cards accepted)

To Best Horse Racing Links  The Best Horse Racing Links on the Web (Popular horse racing links)

Horse Racing calendar  Annual Racing Calendar (and other "Sport of Kings" data)


WATT Interactive Online Service

Registration Page


quality racing software and books

The Tout Corner (Not Your Ordinary Web Page)TOUT CORNER for handicapping

Horse Race Handicapping  Weekly Tips, Touts, and Other Great Ideas (This page offers a handicap of the next big race)

Betting and Exotics Wagering Money Management for Handicappers (One of the most difficult topics for racing fans)

Speed and Pace Handicapping Speed & Pace Handicapping with Winning at the Track (Program details and test files)

Speed and Pace Handicapping Step-by-step Instructions for Using BRIS (DATABASE Transfer program details)

Finding the Key Horse for parlays The Win / Place Parlay Page (Featuring the unique Key Horse Selection program)

handicapping software and books

Member Page (All Racing Fans Are Welcome!)For Members and Visitors

Live Online Racing open to all  Gateway to (Live) Online Racing  (Web links everyone can use)

horse racing and parlays

Other LPC Sites (Come, Visit Us!)For Members and Visitors

A Unique, Personal PhotoBiography Service (A service for anyone who has been leading an interesting life)

The Wall Street Trader - short term stock market indicators  The Wall Street Trader Software (Short term stock market indicators for traders)

Understanding Wall Street 2-hour DVD  "Understanding Wall Street" DVD (Extensive graphics, 2 hours, based on best-selling book )

horse racing and parlays


exotics wagering and parlays


WATT Online Program
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Home Page ... Home Page at HorseRacingUSA

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