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Winning at the Track is a speed/pace program that is now available as stand-alone software and as a unique, interactive handicapping program. In both cases, the WATT program measures the capability of each horse based on its most recent past performances (up to ten).  These capabilities are displayed in a variety of ways including Ability; Pure Speed; Early Speed; and Late Speed. Most importantly, your "Key Horse" appears within the top three PM Ratings virtually every time.  

The Winning at the Track "Classic" package ($199) includes the original program introduced in 1985 - The original WATTdos program and the Database program. Liberty Publishing will continue to sell and support these WATT programs. Also, online members can purchase the "Classic" version for $69 and then receive stand-alone updates at no cost.

The WATT stand-alone programs perform beautifully regardless of the PC operating system: Win95, Win98, 2000, XP, VISTA, Win7, or Win10. However, machines with 64-bit processors will require an internet download of the free DOSbox program (a computer within a computer), not supported by LPC.

Here is a short tutorial that explains the overall WATT concept used in both the Classic stand-alone and the online versions, although the online program is far more advanced. Any questions? Take a minute to watch this tutorial:

A continuous tutorial featuring the original Classic Version

WATT Horse Race Handicapping Software


For more details on the key elements of this extraordinary software:

The Pace Analyst Section

The Graphics Section

The Database Transfer


And the new Interactive site, described here...


Winning at the Track Handicapping Software

The WATT Online Service Explained



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Easy To Use!

"Winning at the Track is, by far, the best contender-selection program available!   And, I've used 'em all."

N.S., Connecticut


"I have been handicapping for many years and was one in the original group that studied with Dr. Sartin, so I know a lot about handicapping and computer use.

I have been using your
Winning at the Track  program for several years now because I have found it to be the best that I have ever used ..."

L.R., Kentucky




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