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The Gold Book of Handicapping e-Book is David Christopher's most comprehensive book yet following his two handicapping classics, Winning at the Track and Handicap! Finding the Key Horse.   Work on this book began almost twenty years ago and has recently been formally published as an e-Book.  A print version might be introduced sometime in the future.

While the primary theme is, of course, speed and pace handicapping, the book also includes other important topics such as pedigree & breeding, the racing secretary, the condition book, and some history of the sport.   These, plus several other subjects, should be of interest to every racing fan, novice or pro.

Among major headings found in the book:

$  Speed or Class ... ??
$  The Benchmarks of Comparison
$  The Type of Race
$  Layoffs and Injury
$  The Jockey
$  As Horses Develop
$  "The Former Green Baby"
$  "Rating"
$  "Inside Speed"
$  The "Speed Duel"
$  The Analysis of a Race (and its critical steps)
$  The Importance of the "Pole Speed"
$  Finding a Horse's "Breaking Point"
$  The Tough Mile

The book analyzes races of all kinds with clear, easy-to-read illustrations and examples.

Talking about "Inside Speed"... Do you know which WATT factor is one of the most powerful indicators of 7 furlong winners?   The answer:  The Pure Speed of a 6 furlong sprint!  This book explains it.

The Gold Book of Handicapping ($49.95) can be ordered today in a colorful PDF file for those who want to read this masterpiece right away. The numerous chapter files can be sent to you via e-mail and read and printed today.

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