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We continue to stress the simplicty of this service. Just create a new folder on your computer (we call it Bris-17) that can be used to transfer the data files that you later receive from Bris. If necessary, refer to the step-by-step instructions below. Each DRF comma-deliniated file (essentially an electronic version of the Daily Racing Form) will be uploaded into your "Account File Bank" from this folder. This process could not be easier!

Easy as 1-2-3

Note from the Publisher

The two files below present the examples found in LPC's e-Book Horse Racing Secrets. We recommend that you download them into your new Bris-DRF folder and spend a few minutes to feel comfortable using the new interactive service. You can print the Sample Race Card now and refer to it later.

Sample Race Card (scratches and results)

(compressed DRF file sample)



Opening Bris Zip Files

Prior WATT handicappers with Windows XP and earlier can continue to use the PKUNZIP shareware program available from either this website or from Bloodstock Research. Another alternative is WinZip packaged with Microsoft's Windows Explorer. For those who are unclear about the process of opening Zip files, our suggestion is to read this...


How to Open Zip Files




Just as we have supported our stand-alone software for the past 30+ years, and will continue to do so, we intend to support the new online service with the same dedication.

NOTE: Charter Members using the new WATT interactive handicapping website will no longer be charged ($55) for the annual update of their stand-alone program. Whenever it is needed, just contact the Publisher. We intend to keep the Classic version of the program in sync with the new online version that is now vastly superior in many ways.



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